Don’t Panic !

Hi fellow Eve-lings, corpies, DrunkMiner and others.

After a long and hard deliberation between all of the SCR4M leadership (NakanoTakeko, Koitex, and Duwane) we have decided to take up an offer to join one of the stronger alliances in the Eve Universe. We are honoured to have been offered a place in the Wicked Nation alliance.

This is a major honour for any corporation as the Wicked Nation alliance is predominantly a PVP alliance and does not normally allow Industrial corps such as ours into the fold. However due to our super dooper uber coolness powers (and always wearing clean underwear) we have an offer to join this awesome alliance.

This means big things for us a corp and opens many doorways for us to grow. It allows us access to moons for mining in 0.0 space which we require for Tech 2 and capital construction and will catapult us another step up the ladder to global industrial domination J

Also it allows those of us that wish to explore the realms of 0.0 and potentially PVP the opportunity to do this.

Our current alliance doesn’t fulfil our needs at the moment as it is still a very new alliance and will take some time to mature into a useful entity.

At this point I would just like to make some important points to ensure that everyone remains calm during this transition:

·         We as a corp never have and never will force people to go into 0.0 or low security space. The majority of us will probably remain in Empire space along with the majority of the SCR4M assets.

·         All the current POS’s in high sec will remain as is and still be available for use by corp members (Business as usual)

·         The people that do want to investigate 0.0 space with the corp and alliance will need to ensure that they have a spare lever of the skill Infomorph Psychology to allow us to create a Jump Clone for them in our Rorqual. This will save us having to jump through hostile 0.0 space to get to our new 0.0 piece of space initially.

·         Also those that want to spend some time out in 0.0 will need to speak to Koitex regarding moving some ships and gear for them out in the Jump Freighter.

For those of you that have never been part of a large alliance, once we join you will notice characters marked as red or blue in your overview as well as in local. This denotes the standings of the alliance to that corporation or their alliance. In Empire this does not mean that they can shoot at you (or vice versa) but in 0.0 it does J So my point being, don’t try to shoot at characters marked as red in empire or you WILL be Concord fodder.

If any of you have questions or concerns about this please don’t hesitate to speak to NakanoTakeko, Koitex, or me (Duwane) in game.

By order of the Dragon of Super Dooper Uber Coolness.


CEO and chief nutcase

PS:  Don’t Panic !

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