Corp Roles

Second communication once roles are defined and hangars renamed:

RE: New corp roles that need filling

As a result of our rapid growth and the corporation restructure that is now complete, several positions have become available that we need filled.

If you feel that you can help with any of these roles within corp please email Koitex, NakanaTakeko or Duwane.

The roles we are looking to fill at present are as follows:

Fleet Commander – Control and sets up fleets for War encounters. This may include some dedicated practise runs and tests using missions. Previous experience in this regard is necessary.

Mining Director – Will arrange corp mining ops and manage corp mineral requirements as dictated by the production manager. Needs someone that loves to abuse roids to run this Job. If you can fly an Orca that would be an added bonus.

Security and Defence Manager – Will arrange protection fleets for mining ops and low sec runs. Preferably someone that loves the PVP side of Eve. Good PVP skills and general knowledge of ships and weapons required. Works in conjunction with the FC, mission manager, and mining manager.

Mission Manager – Works with the security manager (and FC if required) to arrange mission runs for all corp members that want to participate to raise personal isk or individual Caldari standings. A mission whore would be a good person to fill this role J

Logistics Co-ordinator – Responsible for moving corporate assets (ships weapons, market goods) around for day to day corp sales, and after corp ops. Preferably a freighter pilot to make life easy. Must be someone that loves travel 😛

Sales manager – Responsible for market transactions for goods that the corp may sell. This role needs someone that likes to play the markets so a trader would be best.

POS Fuel Technicians – need several of these to help fuel all of our POS’s. Anyone with an industrial can perform this task.

Roles already filled:

CEO – Duwane – Responsible for detailing the corporations overall direction with the help of the other directors and corp members. Forward planning and thought to where we are headed as a corp and how we achieve these goals.

Production Manager – Koitex – manage production jobs for good required by the corporation. Instructs mining division of his requirements for corp productions and research division of what lab work he needs done to support that

Research and Invention Manager – Duwane – manages copying corporate blueprints and laboratory operations. Buys blueprints as required by production manager

Communications Manager – Duwane – responsible for sending out corp emails like this one. Basically actioning steps as laid out by the CEO for corp direction.

Recruitment Manager – NakanoTakeko – that’s how you all got here J Hires people to fill all the roles we need to grow the corp

Diplomat – NakanoTakeko – Negotiate standings with other corporations and alliances

Training Manager – B4zzA To assist newer players with questions around game mechanics or how specific aspects of the game work. This may involve questions about ship fitting, mission running experience, etc by new members. Mentorship plays a big part in this role so requires someone that has patience and leadership abilities as well as a good all round game knowledge.