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Hey Everybody !

Well – Koitex, Duwane and I have had a fruitful meeting last night (9-3-09) in which we went over some of the recent developments with the exciting growth of our little corp (getting larger everyday) and we have hashed out our next steps.

One of the main things to give y’all the heads up on is our use of Google apps and Gmail. Due to some of the issues facing EvE mail (epic fail that) we are handing out free Gmail accounts to everybody so that we can have both an afk solution to game play as well as the ability to generate useful spreadsheets of manufacturing builds, as well as the ability to get everyone posted on recent corp developments.

Currently, the default setting of these email addresses is ‘open’ – so that you can use the email address as you would a normal email address. However, since we are in EvE, we reserve the rights to pull those permissions during wardecs and alliance wardecs. So, please, if you are using the email address for open inbound and out bound RL email correspondence when we are in aggro mode, please PM us in game that you need that to function, and we can change the settings on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.

Outside of the Gmail, word-processor and spreadsheet creation and sharing functionality – the Calender function is going to prove useful for scheduling mission, mining and wardec ops now and going into the future. That calender will be visible on the website as well – unless we happen to be in a wardec or hostile situation. In that case, the calender of events will always be visible within the scr4m Google apps account.

SCR4M Gmail Login

SC4M Calender Link

SCR4M Website

If you have any concerns about this don’t hesitate to contact Koitex, NakanoTakeko or Duwane.




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