Corp Rules

General Rules

· During corporation ops like mining ops, Wormhole explorations, missions etc, all attending members of SCR4M are required to use audio chat. At this point we are using Vent but this may change down the line. The purpose of this is so that instructions can be given quickly and clearly without holding up peoples fingers with typing.

· We do not tolerate spies trying to undermine our corporation structure and operation and have stringent means of detecting and dealing with these sorts of threats. If we suspect that we have some sort of infiltration in corp, all corporation members will be required to give their full API details to one of the directors (either Koitex, NakanoTakeko, or myself (Duwane). No other members of the corporation are authorised to ask for this information so don’t give to anyone except one of the 3 of us. Any player not complying with this rule will be assumed to be a spy and kicked from corp without exception or explanation. While we understand that this action requires and immense amount of trust on your part, it is essential for the survival of the corporation as a whole. This action will not be taken lightly and would only be used as a last resort if all other forms of intelligence gathering fail. The API information will be deleted directly after checked and won’t be retained for security reasons.

· The corporation expects all members to be team players. if you don’t feel that you can be part of a winning team then we recommend that you start your own corporation or join another as the purpose of belonging to a corporation is to work together after all. You are more than welcome to do your own thing most of the time but from time to time there may be corp ops that are mandatory to attend. Some ops will be voluntary so feel free to join these when you can. One for all ….. and all for one!

SCR4M Asset Rules

SCR4M Behavior Rules

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