Corporation History

Stir Crazy Research and Manufacturing
Stir Crazy Research and Manufacturing

Corporation History and Rules

As the founder and one of the current directors of SCR4M I feel that we need to lay down some corporation ground rules to maximise everyone’s enjoyment and game time. These rules are ones I have personally seen a need for in my time spent in New Eden and serve several purposes. The most important of these is so that we can all work together for the greater good of ourselves as well as the corp. After all we are all here to have some fun

Corporation mission statement

Stir Crazy Research and Manufacturing exists for the sole purpose of being a central point of co-operation, fun times, and financial gain for all of its members and shareholders. We are an easygoing and laid back bunch of people that enjoy spending time together and having fun.

History of SCR4M

Way back in the deepest darkness of new Eden SCR4M was founded by me for our current CEO Koitex. The main purpose of starting the corporation was to give us a solid platform of trusted members to maximise the fun we could have while immersed in the world that is Eve. We started out as a High Sec corporation and later branched out into 0.0 industry as part of an alliance.

After returning to high sec we decided to grow the corporation and alliance for one sole purpose….. global industrial and commercial domination

The three current directors of SCR4M (Koitex, Duwane, and NakanoTakeko) have been playing Eve together for more than a year. We trust each other implicitly and would gladly give our lives and Isk for each other.

Some history on your fearless leadership:

Koitex: Koi is based in the UK in RL and has spent many, many, many hours controlling himself and several thousand of his alts (as I am sure you have all seen). He is the only person I know that  has done a 36 hour stint in Eve without sleep J Koi does our strategic planning for the corp as a whole as he is the “thinker” and plays Eve like a good game of chess.

NakanoTakeko: Naka is our peoples person. She is located in the USA and is our Recruitment Officer and diplomat. She has also been known to have a few alts and spending a few nonstop hours in eve from time to time to the detriment of her work in RL

Duwane: Duwane is located in New Zealand, land of strange little birds that can’t fly as well as hedgehogs and some other funny creatures. I don’t have as many alts as the other directors out have been known to control a few chars at once J Being in a completely different time zone to most other players makes me the night shift manager.