The 12 Rules of EvE Online

  1. Trust no one… (EVE is full of twisted people who want to kill you)
  2. Always read the pop up messages before clicking “OK”.
  3. Fly only what you can afford to loose!!! (you will loose ships)
  4. Insurance, buy it!!! (See Rule 3)
  5. Get a clone – keep it updated. (It’s less expensive than memory-wipe)
  6. EvE is about Risk Vs. Reward. (See Rule 3)
  7. Avoid “Lowsec” (0.1 – 0.4). Stay in “Highsec” (0.5-1.0) or move to “Nullsec” (0.0) (See Rule 6)
  8. Being in Empire Space/Highsec (0.5-1.0) Does not mean you are safe.
  9. If you lose stuff, IT IS ALWAYS/ONLY YOUR FAULT!!!
  10. Just because you CAN fly something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
  11. If everyone says “train for this” + “ship” or “module”, ignore them! It will be nerfed…
  12. TRUST NO ONE!!! (EVE is full of twisted people who want to kill you)

– Found by Duwane on a random Bio in Tintoh     9/08/09

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