You may have been playing Eve too long if:

You may have been playing Eve too long if:

– When a fight starts in a bar you step forward and say ‘Don’t worry guys, I got this. I’m tanked for Kinetic.’

– When you have a car accident, you get out and run before they pod you

– Your cats names are praetor, ogre, beserker, and wasp.

– You skip a shower to defend your alliance.

– If you can’t find a parking spot at the store, you immediately think of the lag in Jita.

– You daughter calls a kid a ‘filthy amarr noob’ when she’s at school

– You proudly state “I fly interceptors” at parties when confronted with a Fighter Pilot.

– When your GF starts complaining at you, you wonder how long before the agro brakes your tank.

– Your wife calls you a Minmitar Slave

– When u are in middle of a eve battle and u say u have to leave because of wife aggro

– When you start your car and hope you have the right modules for going shopping

– When you ask the boss for more isk instaed of euros

– Found on random bios throughout EvE Online

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